Cleanup staging namepspace

kubectl delete namespace staging
kubectl delete storageclass staging

Cleanup velero namespace

kubectl delete namespace velero

Delete S3 Bucket and IAM user

aws s3 rb s3://$VELERO_BUCKET --force
aws iam delete-user-policy --user-name velero --policy-name velero
aws iam delete-access-key --access-key-id $VELERO_ACCESS_KEY_ID --user-name velero
aws iam delete-user --user-name velero

Delete files from Cloud9 environment

cd ..
rm -f velero*
rm -fr backup-restore
sudo rm -f /usr/local/bin/velero

You may also want to delete the environment variables ($VELERO_BUCKET, $VELERO_ACCESS_KEY_ID, and $VELERO_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY) from ~/.bash_profile using your preferred editor as they are no longer valid. You will need to remove the lines below from ~/.bash_profile.

export VELERO_BUCKET=eksworkshop-backup-1587212345-12345
export VELERO_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=XcImQuya/S0O6REL5ZrKI31yqW9Dsihb9ktNmpsQ