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Welcome to the AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) workshop!

This workshop guides you through a set of hands-on lab exercises to learn and explore the various features provided by EKS and how it integrates with the broader set of services offered by AWS. The labs are grouped across a number of areas:

  • Introduction - Learn the format and structure of this workshop
  • Fundamentals - Familiarize yourself with basic EKS concepts such as managed node groups, Fargate, exposing your applications and utilizing storage
  • Autoscaling - Understand how to automatically scale your applications and clusters horizontally and vertically
  • Observability - Monitoring is a critical factor getting a workload to production
  • Security - Demonstrates how to apply container security practices to EKS clusters and workloads
  • Networking - Dive deep in to how EKS networking integrates to Amazon Virtual Private Cloud and more
  • Automation - Apply principles such as GitOps and provisioning infrastructure through EKS

These labs are designed in a way that you can pick any combination of modules that reflect your experience and skills to learn efficiently. The workshop environment provides pre-configured AWS infrastructure including an EKS cluster and AWS Cloud9 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with all the tools you need to complete the lab exercises.

To learn about the basics of Amazon EKS, watch this short ~10 minute video: