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Control plane logs

Before you start

Prepare your environment for this section:

~$prepare-environment observability/logging/cluster

Amazon EKS control plane logging provides audit and diagnostic logs directly from the Amazon EKS control plane to CloudWatch Logs in your account. These logs make it easy for you to secure and run your clusters. You can select the exact log types you need, and logs are sent as log streams to a group for each Amazon EKS cluster in CloudWatch.

You can enable or disable each log type on a per-cluster basis using the AWS Management Console, AWS CLI (version 1.16.139 or higher), or through the Amazon EKS API.

When you use Amazon EKS control plane logging, you're charged standard Amazon EKS pricing for each cluster that you run along with the standard CloudWatch Logs data ingestion and storage costs for any logs sent to CloudWatch Logs from your clusters.

The following cluster control plane log types are available. Each log type corresponds to a component of the Kubernetes control plane. To learn more about these components, see Kubernetes Components in the Kubernetes documentation

  • Kubernetes API server component logs (api) – Your cluster's API server is the control plane component that exposes the Kubernetes API.
  • Audit (audit) – Kubernetes audit logs provide a record of the individual users, administrators, or system components that have affected your cluster.
  • Authenticator (authenticator) – Authenticator logs are unique to Amazon EKS. These logs represent the control plane component that Amazon EKS uses for Kubernetes Role Based Access Control (RBAC) authentication using IAM credentials.
  • Controller manager (controllerManager) – The controller manager manages the core control loops that are shipped with Kubernetes.
  • Scheduler (scheduler) – The scheduler component manages when and where to run pods in your cluster.